Quorso in 2019: A Sneak Peek

As a company, we are continually looking forward. But this time of year, more than any other, is for goalsetting, right? So, I want to share the goals we’ve agreed on as a company with you. (Wilder ideas included compulsory beards for men and office drone-racing competitions. None of these, you will be glad to hear, made the final cut.)

1. Make Quorso ubiquitous

In my recap of 2018, I talked about how we “atomised” Quorso’s data model. In short, we figured out how to ingest billions of dollars of data, automatically analyze it, and then send suggestions for making or saving more money to the relevant folk on the ground. That increased the number of Quorso users within each organisation tenfold. And as our user base grew, we kept getting feedback that people want to use Quorso everywhere they are – out on the shop floor, in meetings, commuting – and they want to share insight, ideas, and actions seamlessly with colleagues on the other side of the world.

Essentially, people asked for more Quorso. A lot more.

To deliver for those managers who are out in the field, we’re going to make sure that Quorso offers a great experience on any device. Early 2019 will bring the launch of our new mobile-first design system. We’re calling it the Ascent Design System, and it’s going to change our look and feel, and help managers reach new heights at work. (Come back to the blog later in the year for more on the Ascent Design System.)

Quorso has a great experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

And, speaking of ubiquity, Quorsans are going (more) global in 2019. Though most of our team sit in London, we’ve been international since Day 1: We’re a Delaware company, our first prototype was built in Austin, Texas, and we have users all across the US and UK. This year, however, we are looking to expand our international footprint by growing our US presence to satisfy some of the large demand there and by setting up an engineering hub in Ukraine.

2. Grow managers into seasoned intra-preneurs

We founded Quorso because we know there is enormous talent hiding in businesses. We want to help our brilliant users try new things, focus on learning, and persevere when things don’t go as planned. To that end, in 2019, we are continuing on our mission to tailor Quorso to the needs of the world’s managers and help them personally improve.

A new home screen – launching later this month – is the first release of the year that will help us do that. And it’s a big, exciting one. An overhaul, really. Right now, when logging into Quorso, people see a task list full of personalised opportunities for improvement. It’s enormously useful as is, but we want Quorso to be more than useful. We want to instil a greater sense of curiosity, teamwork, and accomplishment from the moment users log in. A new home screen will – in addition to showing the task list people know and love – be a personalised hub showing how each individual is, day by day, mastering and enhancing their business.

3. Help users get the most out of Quorso

In 2018, hundreds of managers found thousands of new ways to improve the businesses they run using Quorso. Averaged out, each action a manager took in Quorso added over $5,000 to their company’s bottom line. That’s incredible, but this year, we want to significantly up that improvement number and see what people can really do when they’re given the best tool to do it.

I’ve focused so far on our goals for the product, but there are, of course, things that need to operate alongside it to make us as successful as we hope to be. To that end, we’re investing heavily in a lot of customer-facing areas: Product marketing (and regular marketing!), data-driven insights, customer success, etc. And to help drive these efforts, we need to add to our already excellent team. Which leads me to a 4th goal …

Quorso hires for a wow factor

4. Hire people with the WOW factor

At Quorso, we REALLY care about hiring great people. In addition to looking for candidates with great experience and impressive smarts, we look for a wow factor: a kind of personal fizz, an itchy curiosity, linked to a profound personal humility. (Side note: I actually like to call it “Qwow,” but that makes our marketing department cringe!) Thanks to building an excellent core team – and investing heavily in learning and career development – we have been able to attract extraordinary talent for each team.

By the way, if you think you have the Qwow factor (sorry, marketing team) take a peek at what we’re hiring for now. And keep coming back, because there’s sure to be more in 2019.

What all this is leading to

Everything we’re tackling this year – creating an excellent experience on all devices, encouraging a growth mindset, making the most out of every customer touchpoint, and hiring extraordinary people – is all setting us up for something big.

In 2019, we are re-orienting Quorso from software that helps companies increase profitability, to a tool that helps individual managers master and improve their business. We’re aiming to connect managers in a way they have never been connected before – to each other and to their work. We’re building a world where every manager can enjoy the work they do and effectively improve their business while doing it.

It’s a mountain of a challenge.

But we’ve never been afraid of those.

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